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Speckled Glaze

29 Apr

I’m trying a new glaze that has sprinkles of colored glass mixed in. The glass melts into the background for a sunny effect. I’m going to try to sell some of these an my daughter’s lemonade stand this summer.

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Intermediate Forms

12 Apr

The failure of the Dedo Gargoyle and starting over with this simple face have helped me relearn the importance of intermediate forms in carving. I was trying to carve that white rock as though I were shaping clay, finishing at the same time I was starting. That’s not how it works. So here, I’m starting by making a simple flat oval surface, Step 1. Then I’ll start rounding the edges and tapering it back, leaving a big triangle for the nose, Step 2. And so on …

Stone Sun Face

11 Apr

I love this heavy concrete Doric column I found languishing in the backyard. What a fantastic accent to a great workplace I’ve discovered in our new driveway. The afternoon shadows/light are perfect. I’m getting very proficient at STARTING stone sculptures. Will this be the first one I can manage to usher through to completion? I’ll keep it simple and see.

Dedo Gargoyle Fail: Maybe It’s Not So Bad After All

11 Apr

Maybe the massive chunk (lower right here) that fell off my alabaster Dedo Gargoyle wasn’t such a catastrophe after all– just a flesh wound, really. Still, it’s off to the back burner with him until some future idle Saturday afternoon.

Bisque-Fired Star & Moon Faces

9 Apr

This is a moon face and star face that just came back from a first firing. I’ll use a pale blue underglaze for the moon, maybe shading it with some darker indigo. A I’ll use some yellow with the star, then cover with a perly-clear glass glaze. Gotta use a light touch, or previous glazing disasters will have been for naught.



5 Sep

Now I’m making a sort of a lion-looking gargoyle. I like gargoyles because you can experiment with subtle expression and not have to worry about the difficulty of mastering human anatomy. If the nose is too big or the jaw too square, hey, it’s a gargoyle.


Cowlike Gargoyle

2 Sep

Another gargoyle head is done. This one turned out more bovine-looking, or maybe doglike.

Finished That Gargoyle

1 Sep

The latest gargoyle is done. I feel a series coming on.

New Gargoyle

31 Aug

I have a new gargoyle in the works. I’ll do the head tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be a bored gargoyle.

The Other Gargoyle

29 Aug

The second bookend gargoyle is done. Instead of quietly pondering his books, this one is waxing eloquent.

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