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Busy Busy Busy

13 Jul

I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been making stuff. Today was a second firing of a second batch of leaf trays. The incremental improvement continues. This time the glaze is a little better chosen and applied, the plates are a little smoother. Next time, I’ll ask people what they want, and start focusing on usable designs and sizes. I think people are going to want bigger plates than I’ve been making.

Art Deco Face

13 Jul

My art deco face finished its second firing. I painted it black and put a deep green glaze on it. Very happy, except one of the swans’ beaks chipped off in handling. I can use art restoration tech to fix it so nobody will ever know.


Leaf Tray Production

27 May

My current mass-production project is leaf trays. I’ll peel the leaves off, or let them burn off in the kiln. The trick will be adding just enough color and/or glaze to set off the delicate leaf patterns without clobbering them.

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