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Portrait Bust

16 Jul

Having fussed and fussed up close over this one, I’ve got that familiar feeling that I’m losing the ability to really see it. Rather than fuss over it more, it’s time to slap a bouffant on that sucker and call it art.


8 Jul

Finally tonight, the latest in my new kick, facepots for the garden. Two more still in the globular and primordial stages, respectively:


8 Jul

I finally got around to bisque firing some items and painting them with glaze. I’m using very pale peach and red hues for the faces, and most of the frosty white powder glaze will melt into clear glass, hopefully. I’m starting to really like using mid-fire stoneware clay, then using low heat like cone 04 for the second firing. I know it’s sort of like cheating, but it opens up a whole world of low-fire glazes. And since it’s just decorative stuff, who cares?

Creepy Face Pot

8 Jul

This is a pot for plants I’m working on. I’m hoping that once I do the eyes, it will be more cute than creepy.


3 Jul

Since I’m making sphere-faces anyway, why not open up the top, put a little hole in the bottom and use them as plant pots? I can make matching dishes for them later. Who knows, maybe it’ll work. Also, further evidence that I’m extremely easily entertained: I’m quite proud of this new improvised armature post made of stuff from a nearby True Value store.

New Portrait Bust

29 Jun

After some time off for business– such as it is– and house– putting together IKEA furniture– It’s back to the clay. I’m just trying to keep it real and wondering how much longer I can procrastinate trying to learn how to make ears. I haven’t yet decided what genre of head covering to make … faux Renaissance wimpled Biblical, Heian-period Japanese Buddhist, Neoclasscial Greek, Fantasy Princess Leia, classy Audrey Beehive or maybe something Dita Von Teese. … But I digress.

New Portrait Bust

13 Jun

This is going to be a portrait bust, and I’m really going to try to make it turn out classy. Old school, and classy.

Still Yet Another Sun Face

18 May

A swirly sun face. That high-gloss metallic glaze will have a role here at some point. I’ll have to remember to do the eyes before it’s totally dry.


Found Retro Buddha Heads

4 May

Somehow, these Buddhist figurine heads that I carved out of cypress during a pre-Christian devotional art phase have emerged from the depths of my hard drive and bobbed up to my desktop. They’re hollow, like masks. At least one of them I carved while traveling from London to Athens carrying my tools and sharpening stones all the way. The scent of the cypress brings back a lot.

Chipping Away … Just Chipping Away

30 Apr

The slow incremental progress continues. I’m determined neither to rush ahead and lop off a temple or chin, nor to just scratch away at the surface and make a flat face. The result is glacial progress.

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