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Portrait Bust, Work in Progress

11 Mar

The face of this portrait bust is finished, and now I just have to sculpt the hairРno easy task for a man whose hairstyling experience is limited to 30 seconds with a comb in the morning.

Sculpting Facial Expressions

17 Feb

In efforts to take my sculpting skills to the next level, I’m going to try to have 100 practice sessions in which I make various facial expressions. This is No. 7, so 7 down, 93 to go.

Pity The Fool

25 Oct

I was at a party the other night, when I started talking to someone, only realizing after way too long that I was calling her by the wrong name. Hi, here’s me:

IMG_0423 IMG_0422 IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0419

‘We Don’t Kill Easy’

30 Apr

Rash mold-making shortcuts left me with a gooey mess of uncured silicone. In utter despair, I tossed the mold, original stuck firmly inside, out in the yard. After a few rainy nights and warm days, I was going to throw it in the trash when, miraculously, the original popped out. I poured some Rockite into the tatterdemalion mold, and got THIS! With luck, this un-dead mold will now produce 60 or more copies just like this one, which proudly bears the title “SFb001”, destined to go down in Kenny Smillie history as The Sun Face That Didn’t Kill Easy.

DSCN2379 DSCN2380 DSCN2381


31 Jul

I was getting tired of making smooth faces, so here’s one that I hope looks more lived-in. Lately, I’m trying to gain control over the gaze that the eyes have. Here I was hoping for the far-off squint of a frontiersman or man of the sea.

Flower Pot

30 Jul

This will be a flower pot with a stylized sun-face motif … and a little tail of flame on the back.

Finished Pieces

25 Jul

Begun as much as two months ago, these pieces have finally been shepherded through the long obstacle course of fussy little processes leading to finished work ready to hang outdoors in a garden. As luck would have it, some friends are having a garage sale Saturday. Maybe I’ll lay these out and see what happens. I’m particularly pleased with the accidental translucent flame effect on the brown one when the opacity of the yellow pigment just couldn’t hold up against the darker value of the background. Reminds me of the Bob Ross baby talk: “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents”


Stylized Sun Faces

17 Jul

Finally tonight, a couple of stylized sun faces that turned out OK by me. I learned how this particular red paint– the same hue– cooks up much darker under clear crackle glaze vs. au naturale.


17 Jul

The Green Man, another popular garden theme that will definitely lend itself to future springtime or summer items comparable to the Jack-o-lantern of autumn. I hid some blue accents here and there, which with be either ingeniously subtle, or totally irrelevant.

Summer/Spring Globe Face

17 Jul

Totally finished, this new globe face gives me all kinds of ideas for garden art: seasonal groupings. Candle lamps for all seasons, not just Halloween. Why not make groupings of four? Maybe they could tie in with my plant pots. Now I have more than enough ideas to fill every minute of clay time until the art shows next spring. I can hardly wait to get my hands back no the clay.

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