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His Moonness

25 Mar

Just working the angles, playing with ways of trying capture moonness in clay.


IMG_9795 IMG_9796 IMG_9797 IMG_9798 IMG_9799 IMG_9794

And Yet, Another Face-Pot

21 Oct

Just couldn’t resist making one last face-pot before calling it a night.

Finished Pieces

25 Jul

Begun as much as two months ago, these pieces have finally been shepherded through the long obstacle course of fussy little processes leading to finished work ready to hang outdoors in a garden. As luck would have it, some friends are having a garage sale Saturday. Maybe I’ll lay these out and see what happens. I’m particularly pleased with the accidental translucent flame effect on the brown one when the opacity of the yellow pigment just couldn’t hold up against the darker value of the background. Reminds me of the Bob Ross baby talk: “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents”


Summer/Spring Globe Face

17 Jul

Totally finished, this new globe face gives me all kinds of ideas for garden art: seasonal groupings. Candle lamps for all seasons, not just Halloween. Why not make groupings of four? Maybe they could tie in with my plant pots. Now I have more than enough ideas to fill every minute of clay time until the art shows next spring. I can hardly wait to get my hands back no the clay.

Portrait Bust

16 Jul

Having fussed and fussed up close over this one, I’ve got that familiar feeling that I’m losing the ability to really see it. Rather than fuss over it more, it’s time to slap a bouffant on that sucker and call it art.


3 Jul

Since I’m making sphere-faces anyway, why not open up the top, put a little hole in the bottom and use them as plant pots? I can make matching dishes for them later. Who knows, maybe it’ll work. Also, further evidence that I’m extremely easily entertained: I’m quite proud of this new improvised armature post made of stuff from a nearby True Value store.

New Portrait Bust

29 Jun

After some time off for business– such as it is– and house– putting together IKEA furniture– It’s back to the clay. I’m just trying to keep it real and wondering how much longer I can procrastinate trying to learn how to make ears. I haven’t yet decided what genre of head covering to make … faux Renaissance wimpled Biblical, Heian-period Japanese Buddhist, Neoclasscial Greek, Fantasy Princess Leia, classy Audrey Beehive or maybe something Dita Von Teese. … But I digress.

New Portrait Bust

13 Jun

This is going to be a portrait bust, and I’m really going to try to make it turn out classy. Old school, and classy.

Now With Eyes

12 Jun

All I did today was add eyes to Mr. Sphere. Adding pupils in this way is the work of minutes, but really makes a difference– for better or worse.

New Sphere

9 Jun

I made a new sphere face, trying to work out how to make a smile. It’s not as easy as I thought. Now I know why I’ve been putting it off for so long. Subtle expressions are the kind of thing that could take a lifetime to learn. Pardon the fuzzy cellphone photos.

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