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New Crescent Moon

20 Oct

New Crescent Moon


IMG_0804 IMG_0810

Texture Coming Into View

31 Mar

As the shape of this sculpture comes gradually to the surface, I filed away some of the chisel marks to get an idea of how I’ll eventually do the surface texture. It might be neat to leave strategic areas rough, bit I doubt I’ll be able to resist the temptation to make it all completely smooth and luscious.

Third Direct Sculpting Session

30 Mar

The shape of this abstract sculpture is becoming more evident. I’ve just learned that this is called “direct sculpture,” where you make it up as you carve the stone, instead of reproducing a clay or wooden sculpture in stone. In addition to learning how the hammers and chisels work, I’m learning that you reach real physical limits after a couple of hours in ways you don’t with clay or painting. It’s easy to get tired and careless after two hours.

Refining the Shape

14 Mar

In a third carving session today, I refined the shape  little, always thinking about the next intermediate shape on the way to completion.

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Now in Marble

12 Mar

Now that my pink alabaster sculpture is in the shop for repairs, I’m starting on a new one, this time in harder Italian marble. This rock has an even more irresistible, glacier-like translucence that makes it a joy to carve. It’s quite hard, though. The chisels lose that satisfying “bite” after an hour or so of work.

Love at First Sight

9 Mar

This changes everything! I got hold of some stone chisels, a soft iron hammer and some blocks of alabaster and marble. I couldn’t believe how easy, simple and doable stone carving is. It’s the opposite of the esoteric, intimidating medium I’d thought it was. So far, it’s like carving hardwood, but with far less fussing about tools/sharpening. My ingenious new plan is to make something in clay, then do it even more carefully and meticulously in stone.

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