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Green Man

21 May

I made a little bit of progress on this Green Man today. I may be overthinking these leaves. You’d think it would be a less fussy process than I’ve made it thus far.

A Blurry Assortment

20 May

Here we have a blurry assortment of Sun Faces just back from the kiln with a sunny tropical mixed glaze, a metallic glazed Sun Face, and a new attempt at making a Green Man– basically a face with leaves up its nose. I’m trying to remember how to make leaves.

Still Yet Another Sun Face

18 May

A swirly sun face. That high-gloss metallic glaze will have a role here at some point. I’ll have to remember to do the eyes before it’s totally dry.


Star Face

5 May

It’s getting to be time to learn to make faces with more character, expression and individuality. I’m pretty confident making the androgynous mannequin now– doing a Braco impression. Next, I should try to put more Elvis, Joan of Arc or The Penguin into it.

Chipping Away … Just Chipping Away

30 Apr

The slow incremental progress continues. I’m determined neither to rush ahead and lop off a temple or chin, nor to just scratch away at the surface and make a flat face. The result is glacial progress.

Stone Sculpture

29 Apr

Just tapping away. I’m going very, very slowly to keep from making rookie mistakes, and learn how the tools work as I go. I can already feel the skills accumulating, and see how the next one will be quicker and surer.

Speckled Glaze

29 Apr

I’m trying a new glaze that has sprinkles of colored glass mixed in. The glass melts into the background for a sunny effect. I’m going to try to sell some of these an my daughter’s lemonade stand this summer.

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Chocolate Star Face

12 Apr

This is another star face I just finished. I’ll use a slightly metallic glaze, after digging out the eyes in a day or so after it’s had time to firm up. Pardon the fuzzy cellphone photos.

Stone Sun Face

11 Apr

I love this heavy concrete Doric column I found languishing in the backyard. What a fantastic accent to a great workplace I’ve discovered in our new driveway. The afternoon shadows/light are perfect. I’m getting very proficient at STARTING stone sculptures. Will this be the first one I can manage to usher through to completion? I’ll keep it simple and see.

Yes, Its Marbleness

2 Apr

I went over this sculpture with some very rough sandpaper (#40) to learn how best to remove chisel marks and bruises. It’s really no harder than working with a very hard wood. So I often become aware as I work that some old muscle memory from my woodworking days is kicking in. It feels good. It’ll be a chore to refine the spheres here, then a joy to polish the thing to a bright shine. Meanwhile, there’s a fresh block of alabaster in the yard with my name on it.

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