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Ark of the Covenant

5 Jun

Two years in the making, my third Ark of the Covenant replica is nearing completion. I’ll just attach red velvet or felt to the insides of the rings for the carrying poles.

Portrait Bust, Work in Progress

11 Mar

The face of this portrait bust is finished, and now I just have to sculpt the hairРno easy task for a man whose hairstyling experience is limited to 30 seconds with a comb in the morning.

Sun Face in Progress

16 Feb

This will be the center of a sun face I’m sculpting as part of a large outdoor wall hanging. It will also have a smiling crescent moon, a harp, and cranes in flight.

Porcelain Moon

29 May

The Moon half of this Moon-Sun pair is done. It’s in pure porcelain. It’s a quirky clay, difficult to add to neatly, so the sculpting is more subtractive in the way that carving can be. I’ll try to add to the upper lip to make it fuller. The sun is still half-done, and swaddled in wet rags.

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