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To Belabor

17 Nov

Just belaboring the face pots. Here’s another from the recent batch. I realize that they’re still kind of pointless and creepy, but I can definitely feel a style coming on as I start to get traction with the glazing choices and techniques. To recap again: limpid pools of aquamarine/blue glass, then harsh, eye-catching color in the inside, dripping opaque darker colors from the rim and/or rustic iron-oxide accents. There!


And Still, Yet Another Face Pot

17 Nov

Finished Pot

16 Nov

Some experiments with blue clear blue glaze and iron oxide powder are starting to pay off. These just came back from the kiln and I’m very pleased with the result. Now I’ve definitely got an idea of what my pottery style is going to be: luscious pools of pale aquamarine-tinted glass, shocking colors on the inside, rough ‘n ready oxides and stains on the outside.

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