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And Yet, Another Face-Pot

21 Oct

Just couldn’t resist making one last face-pot before calling it a night.

Green Man

26 May

My Green Man is basically done, now that I added irises to the eyes. Next, I have to learn how to make a wistful gaze as opposed to this creepy glare.

A Blurry Assortment

20 May

Here we have a blurry assortment of Sun Faces just back from the kiln with a sunny tropical mixed glaze, a metallic glazed Sun Face, and a new attempt at making a Green Man– basically a face with leaves up its nose. I’m trying to remember how to make leaves.

Still Yet Another Sun Face

18 May

A swirly sun face. That high-gloss metallic glaze will have a role here at some point. I’ll have to remember to do the eyes before it’s totally dry.


Stone Sculpture

29 Apr

Just tapping away. I’m going very, very slowly to keep from making rookie mistakes, and learn how the tools work as I go. I can already feel the skills accumulating, and see how the next one will be quicker and surer.

Step 2

14 Apr

It just occurred to me that I haven’t carved anything like this in many years. You have to go slow and progress ┬ástepwise. You only get one chance unless you can manage to “carve it back on.”

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Intermediate Forms

12 Apr

The failure of the Dedo Gargoyle and starting over with this simple face have helped me relearn the importance of intermediate forms in carving. I was trying to carve that white rock as though I were shaping clay, finishing at the same time I was starting. That’s not how it works. So here, I’m starting by making a simple flat oval surface, Step 1. Then I’ll start rounding the edges and tapering it back, leaving a big triangle for the nose, Step 2. And so on …

Faun-Like Gargoyle

28 Feb

With this piece, I’m mainly trying a technically difficult sculpture to learn the strengths and limits of the wonderful clays I’m encountering here in Portland. I’m also trying to shed the habit of making faces that flat, smacked-with-a-frying-pan look. This is Timberline from Georgie’s, my new favorite clay store. It’s survived a first firing, and next comes the glaze.

Glazed Gargoyle Bust

2 Dec

My first biggish hollow gargoyle bust is finally finished with a second firing. I used a clear green glaze that brings out orange-ish hues in the natural Shigaraki pottery clay, maybe because of iron content? I like the way the green of the glass and faint reddish underlying hues set each other off.

Gargoyle Bookends

29 Nov

Back to the clay after a long absence. I haven’t quit the clay, but following my bliss will always take a back seat to putting food on the table & keeping the kids in iPods. The glaze on these turned out completely differently from what I’d expected. But I kind of like the way it burned in & created hue contrast.

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