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Busy Busy Busy

13 Jul

I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been making stuff. Today was a second firing of a second batch of leaf trays. The incremental improvement continues. This time the glaze is a little better chosen and applied, the plates are a little smoother. Next time, I’ll ask people what they want, and start focusing on usable designs and sizes. I think people are going to want bigger plates than I’ve been making.

Big Kiln Day Tomorrow

2 Jul

Tomorrow’s a first-firing kiln day. So I’ve been furiously sanding, scraping and buffing frog trays and leaf plates. It’s my second go at the leaf plates, so the technique feels a little smoother, less experimental, more confident, and fixed– except my frogs … the more I make, the worse they seem to get.

Back from Kiln

18 Jun

I brought a lot of stuff back from the kiln on Wednesday, which will give me some inventory at my shop, smillie.ocnk.net. I’m spending most of my clay time shopkeeping, but once it’s up and running, adding new things will be a simple matter.

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Zen, but in a Hurry

31 May

This is a porcelain tray that I may add ┬ásome deep blue or green glaze to when I kiln it. I tried to give it that zen look, but I was in too much of a hurry. A few more of these, and I’ll hopefully have a more refined frog-making technique.

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Leaf Tray Production

27 May

My current mass-production project is leaf trays. I’ll peel the leaves off, or let them burn off in the kiln. The trick will be adding just enough color and/or glaze to set off the delicate leaf patterns without clobbering them.

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