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Ark of the Covenant (a work in progress)

23 Feb

I’ve attached the angels and Mercy Seat to the lid of my Ark of the Covenant replica, and primed it with black automotive primer. Now it’s time to attach the shittim, the acacia or maybe cypress trees that demarcate the sacred space on top. The next job will be refining the main box, then making the carrying poles and painting it all gold, inside and out.

Ark of the Covenant

20 Nov

I’ve just completed an Ark of the Covenant replica for a friend’s church. I built a box and lid, then carved all of the side panels and ornaments by hand out of poplar and basswood before covering with gold leaf. It’s been an epic spiritual journey for me, unfolding in the arena of arts and crafts. Now, it’s finished.


My Easter Statue: “It Is Finished”

20 Mar

“It Is Finished.” One act of devotion I managed to complete in an otherwise caffeine-fueled, Haagen Dazs-soaked Lenten season. This will go on display for the 10th Station of the Cross (Christ Dies on the Cross) at St. David of Wales Episcopal:¬†http://www.saintdavidpdx.org/¬†beginning March 22. Come see!

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Blessed Virgin Mary Bust

12 Jun

This is a porcelain Blessed Virgin Mary bust that gradually morphed into a study of how to make drapery folds. I learned a lot from it, and came one big, gratifying step closer to my still distant goal.

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