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I made an art nouveau-style doorknob

12 Oct

This is a door handle inspired by art nouveau / jugendstil asthetics, which I will cast in concrete or metal. It will attach to a gate or door with four to six screws.

Ark of the Covenant

20 Nov

I’ve just completed an Ark of the Covenant replica for a friend’s church. I built a box and lid, then carved all of the side panels and ornaments by hand out of poplar and basswood before covering with gold leaf. It’s been an epic spiritual journey for me, unfolding in the arena of arts and crafts. Now, it’s finished.


My Easter Statue: “It Is Finished”

20 Mar

“It Is Finished.” One act of devotion I managed to complete in an otherwise caffeine-fueled, Haagen Dazs-soaked Lenten season. This will go on display for the 10th Station of the Cross (Christ Dies on the Cross) at St. David of Wales Episcopal:¬†¬†beginning March 22. Come see!

IMG_9767 IMG_9768 IMG_9769 IMG_9770 IMG_9771 IMG_9772

Blessed Virgin Mary, Young Mom

30 Jan

Having dropped off my Teenage Blessed Virgin Mary at the kiln for bisque firing, I started worrying that I hadn’t dried it thoroughly enough, and that it might explode. So I made another. Here, I tried to capture the look of Mary perhaps at the young mom stage of life, a period when there’s so much historical blank space.

IMG_9618IMG_9610 IMG_9611 IMG_9612 IMG_9613 IMG_9614 IMG_9606

And Still Yet Another Face Pot

23 Sep

I usually rough out the shape just with my fingertips and no tools. I have dozens of ingeniously designed and crafted little clay tools, most of which I will never, ever use. You can do 90% of sculpting with thumb and fingertips, which give a constant stream of feedback through the sense of touch. After the fingertip work, I usually add detail and do a lot of fussing around with tools. But this this time I left well enough alone.

Finished Pieces

25 Jul

Begun as much as two months ago, these pieces have finally been shepherded through the long obstacle course of fussy little processes leading to finished work ready to hang outdoors in a garden. As luck would have it, some friends are having a garage sale Saturday. Maybe I’ll lay these out and see what happens. I’m particularly pleased with the accidental translucent flame effect on the brown one when the opacity of the yellow pigment just couldn’t hold up against the darker value of the background. Reminds me of the Bob Ross baby talk: “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents”


A Portrait Mask

23 Jul

Here’s another mask, which I’m keeping moist around the edges while thinking of what to add.

Heironymous Bouffant: Respect the Hairdresser!

19 Jul

If I’ve ever made fun of a fussy hairdresser, I take it all back. I had an ingenious plan for how I was going to build this Bouffant. But my grudging satisfaction with the front view, my and lack of concern about the back formed two converging lines that just met. I have officially declared this sculpture done. Actually, I love all the little mistakes because I can see them and they’re lessons learned now (e.g., the vaguely confused, surprised look wasn’t intended– but now I think I know what causes it.)

Stylized Sun Faces

17 Jul

Finally tonight, a couple of stylized sun faces that turned out OK by me. I learned how this particular red paint– the same hue– cooks up much darker under clear crackle glaze vs. au naturale.


17 Jul

The Green Man, another popular garden theme that will definitely lend itself to future springtime or summer items comparable to the Jack-o-lantern of autumn. I hid some blue accents here and there, which with be either ingeniously subtle, or totally irrelevant.

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