Back in Action at Sendai Studio

6 Apr

I’m cracking my knuckles, and twiddling my fingers like a safe cracker, as I get back to the clay for the first time since the quake. I had about 50 pieces in vulnerable dry-clay pre-kiln crumbly-chalk stage. It probably represented 100 hours of work. The house was shaken up like a popcorn popper inside and virtually none of the clay was damaged. Unbelievable! It feels awkward starting up again, so I’m just warming up with some familiar old sun and moon face forms.


2 Responses to “Back in Action at Sendai Studio”

  1. alegre danielle April 6, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    Happy to hear you have gone back to work even if it feels strange. Everything I would say would sound too “clichĂ©”, so I won’t say much except that life is stronger than anything.
    You don’t know me and it is my first time on your blog.
    My husband and I had planned to visit the Andrew Wyeth exhibition at the Miyagi Museum of Art in April. We have cancelled our trip but do remain quite concerned about what is happening today to Sendai and its inhabitants.
    You are an artist so you might know something about the Museum, has it suffered badly from the tsunami, what about its collection ?
    How are you doing yourself ?
    Danielle from Paris

    • bsmillie April 7, 2011 at 9:12 am #

      Not cliche at all! Thanks very much for the comment, Danielle. Experiences with illnesses of loved ones, their recovery, of raising children and of art has also left me with the same sense of the awesome power of life and its ability to overcome and move forward. I’m familiar with the museum, and saw the Wyeth exhibit three or four times in San Francisco many years ago. We wish you and your husband all the best. Please check the blog now and then.
      –Braven in Sendai

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