Roman Soldier Takes His Post

28 Sep

After a second uneventful firing, my Roman soldier assumes guard duty on top of the piano, a vigilant reminder of barracks life to season our domestic bliss.

This was my first item made of Mashiko and completely fired twice. It’s fine enough for carved detail, and held together well while wet. But the color is just your average pale brick red. The more I try out exotic clays lately, the more I begin to think that the first clay I ever bought was the best: Shigaraki. The pale cream or off-white color it cooks into is gorgeous. It’s cheap, and comes in varieties ranging from rough & sandy to just as fine as porcelain. After I work through the interesting clay samples I’ve got in the cabinet, I’m going to figure out all the varieties of Shigaraki that are out there and nail down exactly which one I like best, very fine Shigaraki Suihi, 信楽水簸, being next on the agenda.


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