Nothing Says Old School Like a Fake Greek Column

24 Aug

Still plugging away at those drapes, trying to make it look like real fabric. Not quite there yet, but maybe the fake Greek column will distract a little and add a touch of calss.

In a new experiment, I twisted strands of different types of clay together for a marbled texture. The pillar is clays that cook up cream and black, the ring is pure black, the background is cream color, and the drape is brick red, black and cream color marbled together. But with all the squishing and brushing involved in the sculpting of the fabric, it may have turned to a brown mush. I’ll know better after it all dries.


One Response to “Nothing Says Old School Like a Fake Greek Column”

  1. Kevin Qualls August 24, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    Man, you are getting really good. The folds look real.

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